We step by step building a website that suitable for you

It is important to understand the development process in order to have a deeper understanding of our cooperation process.

Our Development Process :



We will understand your idea and business first before doing any plan, which include your brand, business objective, desires and even sometimes we need to ask for having an appointment with internal stakeholder to get more specific details in order to deliver the best outcome.



With a good understanding of your ideas, we begin to conduct in-depth research on your industry, competitors and other relevant information we need.

  Through this process, we can have a deep understanding of your industry and a very clear mindset to plan the entire project goes on.



There will be the entire project plan here, and you will have a URL for logging in.  You will understand about Ongoing Real-Time projects. 

  This will let you know what the timeline for completion is and if you have any objections to the completion time, you can discuss the completion timetable with us before the project starts.



In this process, we will design SiteMap and WireFrame and discuss with you about the actual design outcome.  In this way, you will know the actual situation of your website design.

  Then, before we start developing a website, we will build an Mockup and Prototype for you so that you can perform a real test for all the features of the website to make sure these are the function and link connected with each other that you want.



Here, we will focus on the turning value and ideas into website to ensure that your company’s ideas and value will be taken to the website.

  The development site process will start from this section, all development schedules will be recorded in the file, you can know the entire process.



Once we have completed the development process, we will conduct website tests including functional testing, usability testing, interface testing, compatibility testing, performance testing and security testing in order to ensure that the website is running well and has not any bug.

  By having these tests, you can have a integrity and safety websites for running now.



Right after the testing stage, we will transfer the website ownership to you and you can start to use this website now.



We have got the email support for you and maintain your whole website every year to make sure all of the technical is up-to-date and does not has any bug.

  By having these service, You will have a safety and up-to-date technical website.

landing website

Landing page is a website that only one page. It specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It can be use to improve sales and collect data. Moreover, it also can use as e-commerce website for a single product and business profile website for briefly introduce company.


Business profile website

Business profile website is a professional introduction and aims to inform people (primarily prospective buyers and stakeholders) about your products, services, and current status.

E-commerce Website

E-commerce website, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. E-commerce is often used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but it can also describe any kind of commercial transaction that is facilitated through the internet.


UIUX front-end design

The “UI” in UI design stands for “user interface”. The user interface is the graphical layout of an application. The “UX” stands for “user experience” of the app is determined by how they interact with it.

Customize website

Customize website is not using CMS to build a website. There are step by step to building a website form planning, mock-up, prototype, develop, testing, launch.


About SEO Service​

One of the main purposes of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to help your website increase its visibility in search result.  The higher your page visibility, the better to garner attraction from prospective and existing customer to do business with you.  

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