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One of the main purposes of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to help your website increase its visibility in search result.  The higher your page visibility, the better to garner attraction from prospective and existing customer to do business with you.  


Increase Your Traffic and Sales

Long Term Business Strategy

Make Your Brand Easily Discoverable On Google

Make your web pages appear more and more in the front of search results to gain a strong competitive advantage over competitors.

Sustainable Traffic

Once your website has a good SEO strategy, your customers will visit your website organically, which will be a powerful marketing strategy and can even help you reduce other marketing expenses.


Precise Targeting To Reach Your Audience

Through targeted keyword research and content marketing, your website can attract more precise audiences to read your content and generate lead to increase sales closed opportunities.

Generate A Strong ROI

Good user experience design (Web performance, content readability, etc.) and content structure strategies will increase sales conversion rates, thereby obtaining a huge return on investment (ROI) from your SEO performance.

Do You Really Need A SEO Service?

If you meet one of the following situation, 

you have to consider to have a SEO Service

-Low Website Traffic
-Not Very Strong Brand Awareness
-Low/ Not Prominent Competitive Advantage
-Only Enough/ 1-2 Exposures Channel
-Low Lead Generation
-Low/ Plan To Get More Sales
-Plan To Scale Your Business

Get Consistent and Profitable Traffic On Your Website

Your SEO Journey with EWsolution


SEO Consultation

You will talk to our SEO experts to let us know your business goals, directions and other information we need to know about your business.


Website Analysis and Propose Action Plan

We will begin to analyse your website to find out what needs to be improved while ensuring that your business goals are met. After that, we will write a plan to optimize it step by step.


Execute On Page/ Off Page/ Technical SEO Optimization

All of the updated and improved website will be monitored to ensure it achieves the result we set before.


In Depth-Reporting Analysis

The performance will be analysed and used as a report to monitor its progress each month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The practise of getting targeted traffic by improving a website’s organic placement on search engine page results is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Gain a higher ranking and more visibility in the search intent results for your target demographic.

SEO optimization allows you to improve your search exposure and website traffic across a variety of search engines. Obtain long-term brand recognition and a prominent position in search engine rankings. Most internet firms are now conducting aggressive SEO campaigns, and failing to invest in SEO for your company risks losing market share over time.

It is impossible for any SEO expert to guarantee a certain placement within the search engines. Google itself says, “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google”!

We will do guarantee to execute the very best SEO techniques and methodologies by using the white hat method.

It depends on how competitive your industry.  Generally, it takes from five to eight months to start seeing the improvement in ranking. A newborn website will take longer time. Honestly, we cannot guarantee this. It can be fast or maybe slow.

The answer is YES, we want every client know what we have optimized for your website and know how your website get improvement.  We provide our report at the end of each month.

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